"Ben took me on as a student when I was 11 years old. I'd just started secondary school, and I was looking to develop my skills as an all-round guitarist, rather than just knowing the basic chords, and learning easy songs I liked from the internet. He opened my eyes to lots of new music, from virtuosic 80s shredders, to traditional Bossa Nova, broadening my taste in music and giving me a new love for picking up my guitar. Within a few months, he'd helped me through my first graded exam, and also really got me into jazz, learning some George Benson tunes. Over the years I studied with Ben, he helped me through all the grades, culminating in me getting a distinction in grade 8, and continuing to broaden my repertoire and music theory knowledge. He always provided me with resources to help me learn during the week, and I always had an ambition to have achieved the task set for me for the next week. Ben was also really invested in my career as a session musician that grew outside the lessons and would always give me advice and support with whatever I needed for my own projects. It was such a pleasure coming to him each week, with him being such a nice guy, it was always something fun to look forward to, but I respected him deeply as an incredible guitarist and was so grateful for everything he had to offer me. Ben sparked my love to study music, my drive to continuously push myself, and love for all types of music, notably jazz. As a result, this led to me studying GCSE Music, then A Level Music, now having a scholarship at Leeds College of Music studying jazz as a guitarist. I have him to thank for teaching me nearly everything I know, setting me up for my career as a musician, and giving me such a head start on studying for my degree."
Siôn Wilson, 19

"I began lessons with Ben when I was 5 1/2 years old. Ben is my grandfather's teacher and he takes me to lessons on Mondays. Ben makes it easy to learn which is a lot of fun. He teaches me to read Music and not just tablature. I enjoy my lessons and try to practice every day."
India, 7 1/2

"After harbouring a dream to play guitar since I was a kid, I decided the time was right to learn, I was a 56 year old grandad! Being lucky enough to retire from work early, I set about finding a sympathetic teacher who would enrol me as an enthusiastic but absolute (and a somewhat apprehensive) beginner. Fortunately I was introduced to Ben, who was pleased to take me on & set me on my musical journey. Ben has remained infinitely patient, helpful and encouraging throughout our time together. His lessons are highly enjoyable and entertaining and I highly recommend him. I am now 62 & continue to enjoy our occasional lessons together which continue to inspire me to get to the next level. My 7 year old granddaughter has been taking lessons with Ben since she was 5, & is reading quite well for the instrument in first position, what better recommendation. Great Stuff! Thanks again Ben for your boundless patience."
Stuart Rolland, 62'

"I always enjoy my lessons with Ben. He is patient and always encourages me. I have learned finger picking, several positions on my guitar and how to read music. Thanks to Ben, I won a guitar playing competition at school."
Grace, 12

"I have been playing both electric and acoustic guitar for around three years, when I first started to learn I reached out to Ben for some help with understanding the instrument as well as providing me exercises to play and learn the key techniques for playing my favourite songs. Ben's style of teaching is friendly, laid back and accepting of individuals different levels of understanding as well as speed of learning. The support and coaching he has provided me has been invaluable in my quest to become a better guitarist and I continue to have the occasional lesson with him whenever I need some additional help. I would highly recommend Ben's teaching to all abilities of guitar players whatever your age group."
Ian Legg

When I first started lessons with Ben I was a fairly inexperienced guitarist and I think it would be fair to say, since then I have improved quite a bit. Ben's taught me the ins and outs of chords, scales, modes, rhythm and essentially all the foundational knowledge I needed to improve at the instrument. His know how and friendly personality makes lessons not only useful but also fun and stress free. Without Ben's excellent teaching I doubt I would be even a fraction of the player I am currently."
Oskar, 17

"I first started playing Bass guitar whilst at school but found I wasn't really improving, So my Dad suggested having weekly lessons with Ben on a Saturday and in no time my playing technique improved to such an extent that I formed a band with some friends. Ben's skill and knowledge of all different types of music has helped me become an accomplished Bass player. We regularly played songs that I wouldn't have normally played which took me outside of my comfort zone but I soon realised that this was helping me improve my playing speed and gave me confidence to play different songs. Now I have mastered the Bass guitar, Ben is teaching me lead and rhythm guitar which I am enjoying and learning in a friendly "groovy" environment."
Ryan Legg aged 17

"I had my first guitar lesson with Ben when I was seven. I really like Ben as he is a cool teacher. He teaches me lots of different guitar music and has helped me take my grade 1 and 2 rockschool grade exams, I was awarded a merit for both. I broke my arm twice in a row, Ben encouraged me to keep playing. I have been having lessons with Ben for four years, I always look forward to Tuesday's lesson so I can turn my amp up loud."
Lorna 10 years old

"Having recently made a couple of acoustic guitars I felt I should at least try to play them. Ben was recommended by my local music shop and I duly signed up for a one hour lesson, weekly, on a classical guitar. After five months of tuition I am very pleased with my progress with reading music and using the correct techniques. Ben is an accomplished player of many types of guitar music so if I decide at a later date to change styles, I am happy to stay with the same tutor. As a 68 year old I only wish I had started playing 50 years ago !!!"
Peter Simmonds

"Henri and I would like to let you know how much fun he has at your guitar lessons. Each lesson is different and varied, which he finds engaging. From the start, when he was only 5 yrs old to now...he enjoys your lessons because you're funny, friendly, explain things and show him too! You are patient with him when he makes mistakes or takes longer to understand. This helps him a lot and the encouragement you have given him has taken him from playing ukulele to rock guitar. So Henri would very much like to continue to Rock On with you!"
Claire & Henri Appleby, age 10

"I have been learning guitar with Ben for over a year. I have enjoyed the lessons with Ben. He is a funny man and a good guitar teacher!!!"
Jack Dickinson, 7

"I have been Ben's student for around 1 and a half years now and already I have learnt so much from him in that short space of time. I've learnt jazz, blues and all the way to rock, his knowledge of songs and skills are almost infinite. Ben will push you to be the guitarist you are capable of being and show you how to be that guitarist. No matter what, Ben will always teach you the right way to play songs and will not give up until you get it right, his determination and perseverance will inspire you to play like you never thought you could play. After only playing for one and a half years I've already joined a band and won 2 battle of the bands and gotten the opportunity to record songs in a professional recording studio, and I couldn't have done it without Ben's skill and teaching."
Lomond Bradley, 13

"I've been Ben's student for just over a year now and I've been thoroughly impressed by how much Ben has helped me. When I first went for a lesson I had never picked up a guitar before let alone played a chord, now I am in a position where I am confident and able to not only play but am trying to compose my own stuff. Being in year 11 means that my GCSEs are coming up quickly and Ben has helped my massively in my GCSE music composition and performance. I started out with, and still have a passion for, Rock and Ben has been fantastic in coaching me in that area but he has also introduced me to Blues and jazz which has broadened my appreciation of more genres. Learning under Ben has boosted my confidence in playing enormously. I always eagerly anticipate my lessons throughout the week and I never leave disappointed."
Max Bradley, 15

"I started my lessons when I was 7 years old, I couldn't play anything on the guitar but week by week I have improved and a year on I have learnt how to play full songs and read music confidently. I love my lessons with Ben and he is always willing to help if I haven't quite got/am struggling with something. I look forward to learning lots more with him!"
Zack Prosser

"Ben is guiding me through my grade three and has helped me to become more confident with improvisation. He has also helped me think more about the theory side of guitar which is important because I never gave much thought to it before. I like my lessons with Ben because he is friendly and makes it feel like it's ok to make mistakes, also, he always gives helpful advice when I go wrong. He is very experienced and I trust him and what he says because of this."
Kai Escott

"Ben is a great teacher and an all round nice person. I enjoy his lessons because he makes some fun and interesting, which helps when I'm learning difficult pieces of music. Ben helps me play new songs and riffs, and even when I'm struggling, he is good at encouraging me. Overall, Ben is a brilliant teacher and I would recommend him to anyone who would like to learn to play."
Trystan Hudson

"Ben has been teaching me the guitar for over 3 years. He has taught me to sight read and play many chords, he varies the lessons to make them interesting and helps me to understand when and why I am going wrong. He is very patient with me especially when I am finding it really tricky and getting frustrated with myself. I could not recommend a better teacher than Ben."
Honor 11 years

"I have had Ben as a teacher for around 8 years and have developed skills that will stay with me for a lifetime. At the age of 9 years old I began guitar lessons with Ben after hearing of the fantastic reviews of the lessons from his other students. I learnt both theory and practical skills so that I had the tools I needed to improve both during the lesson and whilst practicing at home. My aim as a younger child was to learn how to play many of my favourite songs and the detailed and well structured lessons that Ben delivers are perfect for learning your favourite tunes. With different methods of progressing through the levels, I chose to go through the route of Rock School; with an extremely helpful and knowledgeable teacher I have been able to progress up to Grade 7 achieving no less than a merit throughout all of them. Throughout these 9 years as a student with Ben, I have always had my questions answered, always been given the knowledge and the confidence to play and have developed a strong loving passion of music throughout the development of my musical career. I now have a strong passion for music and have expanded out to different instruments such as the saxophone, which has been encouraged by the strong passion for music that I have developed through these fantastic lessons. Ben has ensured that I have had fun, gained knowledge and gained valuable skills in every lesson and I thoroughly recommend his tuition to anyone. Every lesson is brilliant and you'll never be disappointed. If you have ever considered playing guitar and learning your favourite songs, gaining knowledge, practical skills and a passion for music; Ben is the perfect instructor for you!"
William Stokes 17

"Ben has taught me guitar from when I first started to play and now I can play most chords and complicated tabs. I have learnt many tunes in different styles thanks to Ben"
Rosie Peppin, 14 yrs

"Throughout the many years Ben has taught me to play the guitar, I have learnt a variety of things, from sight reading, to complicated chords and tabs. If Ben hadn't taught me, I would have no idea how to play the guitar"
Felix Temple, 10 yrs

"Ben has taught me for a number of years and I have made great progress with the guitar, especially with chords and sight reading"
Louise Taylor, 16 yrs

"Ben Modley has taught me from when I first picked up the guitar, right the way through to learning how to improvise complex jazz solos. He's not only taught me the techniques and skills I need to play the guitar, but taught me to enjoy playing and learning. From his lessons I've learnt a wide variety of different songs and styles, building on the techniques that make me a good guitarist, and the ones which allow me to play the music I want to play. Ben's taught me all I need to know about the guitar and without him I wouldn't be half the guitarist I am now! Excellent teacher and highly recommended to all, whether you've played before or not!"
Aidan Peppin, 17 yrs

"Ben has been teaching me to play guitar for about a year now. As a complete beginner and mature student I had many worries about learning a new instrument. After my first lot of lessons I realised that guitar was for me and this was largely down to Ben. His passion for music and everything guitar is unquestionable and this instantly rubbed off on me. I've gone from strength to strength with Ben, starting with simple chord patterns and moving on to complex tablature. Ben's understanding of an individual's situation means I can easily balance work life with lessons. Without Ben I would probably have put down the guitar a long time ago."
Gary Ziabek

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