"Ben has taught me guitar from when I first started to play and now I can play most chords and complicated tabs. I have learnt many tunes in different styles thanks to Ben"
Rosie Peppin, 14 yrs

"Throughout the many years Ben has taught me to play the guitar, I have learnt a variety of things, from sight reading, to complicated chords and tabs. If Ben hadn't taught me, I would have no idea how to play the guitar"
Felix Temple, 10 yrs

"Ben has taught me for a number of years and I have made great progress with the guitar, especially with chords and sight reading"
Louise Taylor, 16 yrs

"Ben Modley has taught me from when I first picked up the guitar, right the way through to learning how to improvise complex jazz solos. He's not only taught me the techniques and skills I need to play the guitar, but taught me to enjoy playing and learning. From his lessons I've learnt a wide variety of different songs and styles, building on the techniques that make me a good guitarist, and the ones which allow me to play the music I want to play. Ben's taught me all I need to know about the guitar and without him I wouldn't be half the guitarist I am now! Excellent teacher and highly recommended to all, whether you've played before or not!"
Aidan Peppin, 17 yrs

"Ben has been teaching me to play guitar for about a year now. As a complete beginner and mature student I had many worries about learning a new instrument. After my first lot of lessons I realised that guitar was for me and this was largely down to Ben. His passion for music and everything guitar is unquestionable and this instantly rubbed off on me. I've gone from strength to strength with Ben, starting with simple chord patterns and moving on to complex tablature. Ben's understanding of an individual's situation means I can easily balance work life with lessons. Without Ben I would probably have put down the guitar a long time ago."
Gary Ziabek

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